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Lounge - Opera Forums

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  • 02/25/17--12:47: Opera guide for low end PCs
  • Here is a guide from GHaks to speed up Opera on low end computers.

    GHaks · Speed up the Opera web browser

    Some of them are already configured by default on an Opera fresh install but maybe worth to take a look. ;)

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    The nice feature of opera shows latest news from local publisher websites.

    How to get my site into the list?

    Would any engineer please help about that. Thanks for assistance :)

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  • 03/09/17--04:58: Pandora Radio - :down:
  • Today...




    :/ image ... :idea:

    User agent switcher


    image IE / Edge ;_;


    :sing: image

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  • 03/09/17--08:03: Opera Presto Features
  • It's there any reason because Opera Presto features are not in new Opera?

    I suppose that as me, many people ask why they are not implemented.
    2013 ==> 2017 = O.O... 4 years

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  • 03/19/17--22:10: issue on redirecting
  • hello,

    recently I had to reinstall the opera (43) due to system reinstall, and I got sort of issue related to redirect in opera, particularly I search in googl the term "how to add bookmarks to pdf", it open first and then it redirect to the page by the following link "" , how to fix this issue? I do not really want to reinstall opera ...


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  • 04/02/17--15:25: Opera default install path?
  • Where are the default install paths?

    x86 x64
    C:\Program Files\Opera\Launcher.exe

    And the for Beta and Dev?
    C:\Program Files\Opera Beta\Launcher.exe
    C:\Program Files\Opera Developer\Launcher.exe

    Are this correct?
    I use StandAlone installations with a different install path.

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    I find that red grid-like/fishnet looking background image used in Opera Mini to be so alluring. Can someone please post the original image file?

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  • 04/06/17--14:49: Bug tracking
  • One of customers reported a problem using our WebRTC gateway with Opera a few weeks back which we tracked down to Opera offering H264 when it couldn't decode it, so I raised a bug with Opera (and banned H264 when the browser is Opera using a horrible user agent regex because there appears to be no other way to identify it, though this means the customer has to have extra computing power to transcode).

    My problem is there appears to be no way to track that bug. The email I got said they can't reply to questions through the bug tracking system, and I can't see any status, I just have the email. Going forwards I really need to be able to know what happens with that bug, and if it's even likely to be fixed. It's a pretty major bug for us as it cuts the number of calls our customers servers can handle by 80%, and because we have to ban the codec if we don't know when it's fixed that will carry on after it is; I'm hoping it is because without H264 the WebRTC spec isn't being complied with even if the current buggy SDP behaviour is fixed.

    Is there any way for me to track it? Do I get notifications on updates to the bug (if yes then presumably it hasn't been looked at in 3 weeks, yay).



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  • 03/31/17--20:47: adblock trouble!"
  • Hi can anyone please tell me whats the best adblock to use with opera? ive tried a adblock,adblock plus also AdBlocker Ultimate. But still none seem to stop unwanted ad pages opening?" Is there any adblocks out there that can stop all unwanted pages and ads opening??

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  • 04/13/17--16:25: Opera's buy back program
  • Hi. I just read about it on the Opera site. Well, i was just curious what it's about. What's the deal with this buy back thing?


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  • 02/25/17--15:44: Heroes!!
  • If someone interested! Solar eclipse xD

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    I hope this is the right place to post this. I am in the process of changing laptops and need to recover an old password to transfer it to the new laptop but cannot make the passwords visible within the Account Properties/servers dialogue box, it states ( Password not Displayed )is there any way to make this visible or to recover this in any other way ?

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    When / How you started with Opera?
    And explain if you want ;)

    Poll invented: (Put the number or copy the whole option, to make a probing :D)

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    • 8 · Tv
    • 9 · Theatre... :rolleyes: :lol:

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